Monday, October 6, 2008

Halloween costumes for animals

I am working on my blog, finally, after ignoring it for almost a year. I have never been computer literate and I was not happy with a regular blog. I wanted bells and whistles. I still don't have many but I am learning little by little. I made my banner using Photoshop 7.0. That was something I really wanted, so I finally figured out how to do it, all by myself! I would accept help, lol, anyone interested?

I love to make all kinds of art, but since I am on a couple design teams I can't really post what I am working on in my blog. *sad face* With that said, I have decided to post several other topics. One that really gives me pleasure is cute animals. My plan is when I have nothing else to post I will post pictures of the cute animals I have collected. They can really cheer a person up!
For now I am going to post animals dressed up for halloween. These are so cute!

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