Friday, February 13, 2009

The company that makes the stamp

Here is a link to the company Rubber Stamp Plantation who makes the great stamp in my second giveaway. This is a fabulous lady who owns this company, and her shipping is very fast! There is no name on the stamp of the design image. Thanks to all those who asked about this stamp.

Next giveaway coming today,

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Rubber Stamp Plantation said...

how cool is that!!!!It's my stamp! she's Quan Yin, and has a sister collage stamp to go with her. I LOVE these 2...they're part of my newest designs. I took photograph of a very old copper cast sculpture of Quan Yin (goddess of mercy and compassion, protector of women and children) and tweaked it until it would make a good stamp. I index the wood with a master stamp, so the image is an actual "stamping". Thank you so much for posting the stamp, and i hope whoever receives it loves and is inspired to create! I'm soooo sad SSR on it's last issue. I love you all, especially am grateful to Dawn and the crew! Much aloha,
Debz at Rubber Stamp Plantation