Tuesday, April 21, 2009

As promised I am adding new images for you to use

I have not used my blog for personal issues about my life. I want this blog to be about art.
I am going to make a small exception. I haven't blogged for 6 weeks. I had a couple things happen which put me in a set back for awhile.
I went to my doctor for some test results which were fine. I started a coughing fit while he was in the room and he got real upset. (not his norm) He examined me and gave me an electrocardiogram. He said he was putting me in the hospital. He attached me with a heart monitor. He said in a whisper to me that he thought I had congestive heart failure. I said I am not going in the hospital. I then told him that I have been suffering with this condition for 3 years or more and have tried to get him to realize that my coughing fits needed his attention. However he apparently didn't realize how I was suffering. In the past he gave me nazonex and salt water. I went to a heart specialist and went through a huge amount of tests and when the results came back I had a healthy heart! My troubles were all related to allergies.

The second thing that set me back was my computer. It is over 6 years old so I decided to shop for a new one. I went to Best Buy because they were having a good sale. I picked out a nice desktop HP and took it home. After two days it crashed. I went back for a replacement and they nor any other Best Buy had the model I purchased. I upgraded and took the replacement home. After a week it locked up and would not work. I went back again and guess what, they did not have another model like this one. They suggested I try a Dell. I went home with a Dell (which I did not want) and started my third procedure to add all my data to it. It would not perform like I thought it should. I took it back and decided to take my old Sony Viao in for a makeover. That is what I am using. I still want another computer but now I am gun shy. Any suggestions?


Shari said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and I am glad that I did! Where is Belleville?? I am in Carol Stream. Glad your health issues turned out OK. Love the images---very sweet of you to share them. There is a live ATC trade at Dick Blick's in Wheaton on Saturday. I am planning on attending, maybe we could meet. I just bought a new laptop---I am a MAC girl (since 2000). Go MAC if you can. A bit of a learning curve and a few $$ more, but well worth it.
-shari xox

bockel24 said...

Oh wow, the little boy is cool - thanks for sharing!

Evelyn S. said...

Glad that you are back, Sandi! I thought maybe your vacation had turned into a really long one! Also happy to hear that your health issues aren't serious. Thanks for the great images.

Barb said...

These are wonderful, thanks for sharing. :)

CindyB said...

I am glad your health issues are not as serious as first thought. As always, great images. Thank you.

Patti said...

Glad you have allergies (if you must have something) and not heart problems.
I use a Mac and I love it. It is a lap top.
I take it with me frequently.
There is a lot of free wifi out and about.
If you get a lap top don't leave in your car, number one thing stolen from cars.
I carry into a store whatever.
Thanks for the freebies.


paintedlady89 said...

Thank you so much for the invitation for the graphics(images). I wanted to comment on your computer issues. I have a Dell, while I am not 100% happy. I have had issues here and there, and my monitor burned up and I have bigger issues as I can't get to some of my files now. However like Shari I suggest a Mac all the way. I have one at work, infact we are a mac print shop, but have a few Dell P.C.'s so that we can publish our client's files. Keep us posted, and I look forward to a trade with you!
Glad to hear your heart is fine...

Michelle said...

Wow Sandi I just love these images! Glad to hear it wasn't congestive heart failure!